Sunday, December 11, 2005


friday, mikey's class (along with the rest of his school) sang christmas carols at one of the local malls. me, my mom, and mike were there (we also ran into my friend michele and her lil girl lauren). they were so cute. mikey looked like the mouthed the words mostly. i also noticed that mikey has a girl that seems to really like him. she kept pushing him (hard but he seemed to like it) and i really had to keep from going over there and saying something.

after the carols, the kiddos hopped back on the bus were supposed to go to the park to eat their lil sack lunches. but due to the cold weather, they headed to school and ate.

me and mom did a lil bit of shopping and grabbed some pizza. i then dropped her back off at walmart so she could drive back to work and did i some major grocery shopping. i mean so major that i had so much shit on my cart that every ten steps i took, something fell off and i had to stop and pick it up. now this wouldn't be that big of a deal if i wasn't walking in a very crowded parking lot with cars everywhere. and whats worse, is only one person asked if i needed help.


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Greta said...

did you expect anything else from these rude ass people around here????