Tuesday, December 27, 2005


this year was a first for our family. since mom's house was still in the repair stage, i hosted christmas this year. and since i was hosting, i asked mom and b.c if they wanted to stay the night on christmas eve.

we had a light dinner of sandwiches and chips.

then the fun began. i had made some homemade sugar cookies and frosting for me and the kiddos to decorate for santa. it was getting late in the day and i knew that mom and b.c. were on their way. so i decided to make a party out of it. i set out all the sprinkles i have (and boy are there a lot), the homemade icing, and some store bought chocolate frosting and we all sat down and got to work. of course we made a mess and got major sugar highs, but boy did we have fun.

everyone getting ready to decorate.

say "cookie"!

sugar high time!

mikey decorating with black sugar sprinkles...another sugar high example!!

some of our cookie master pieces.

the cookies that mikey choose to leave out for santa. along with a cold glass of milk. yum! hope santa enjoyed them :)

after teeth were brushed and new jama's were put on, we needed to go outside and sprinkle the magic reindeer food so that dancer, prancer, and all the other reindeer could find their way to our house. mikey brought the magic reindeer food from school and now that i have the recipe, we will have to make it every year (don't want santa to ever get lost).

magic reindeer food.

mikey sprinkling it from the porch (it was raining outside). see the magic food?

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