Thursday, December 22, 2005


i received this questionaire in an email at work (thanks greta.

1. Favorite Christmas song? any song that is kid related

2. Ham or Turkey? neither...we eat italian for dinner on xmas day. this year's menu will consist of : beef/cheese ravioli, pork braciole, italian salad, garlic bread, pizzelles (italian cookies), and i don't know what for dessert, olives, cheese, etc.

3. Ever had roasted chestnuts? yes!!! i LOVE them. haven't eaten since i was lil.

4. Favorite Christmas cartoon? twas the night before christmas

5. Open Christmas presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? ornaments are exchanged on xmas eve and gifts on xmas day

6. Best Christmas ever? ever year is the best!!

7. Favorite Pie? duhhh...pumpkin

8. Cookies or carrots for Santa and his reindeer? cookies for santa. this year we are sprinkling magic reindeer food out in the yard for the reindeer.

9. Fireplace for stockings? yep

10. What time do you get up Christmas morning? i am so like a child...i still have a hard time falling asleep the night before and i am usually up when the sun rises anxious to open presents

11. Garland or icicles? garland

12. Real or artificial tree? Artitficial

13. Candy canes or fruitcake? Candy Canes

14. Colored lights or white? white

i tag anyone who would like to participate :)

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Siri said...

These have been fun to read! So, what is magic reindeer food, anyways?