Tuesday, December 20, 2005


a shot of me and mike at pat o's in front of the fountain. as you can tell, i've had a drink or two at this point ;)

okay, finally a free minute to talk about the wonderful weekend we had.

a few weeks ago, me, mike, greta, oneil, pat, and mike g. (tom and penny too, but they were unable to make it) planned a trip to new orleans. we were all a lil curious as to what it was going to be like since the storm, but we were very suprised to see that everything was kinda back to normal in that respect. bars, shops, restaurants, etc. were open (if you are wanting to plan a trip and would like to know what is open, you can check it out here).

we got there about noon and were a lil disappointed in the rain, but that was okay. we headed on over to port of call for hamburgers and baked potatoes. greta's uncle owns this restaurant and she has been telling me about the burgers for quite some time. since i am leary about hamburgers, i was a lil apprehensive b/c they are HUGE! but lemme say they are friggin' delish! and the baked potatoes that came with em...oh.my.gosh.

after port of call, we went to our hotel to check in. we stayed at the prince conti hotel which is one of new orleans oldest hotels (and did i mention gorgeous??? i don't think i did...but it was). i love the feel of it. i kept walking around thinking "if these walls could talk".

once we had arrived at the hotel and gotten a lil settled it (i took pictures, mike went to the bathroom, i went to the bathroom, mike tested the bed ;) i came out and saw mike on the bed and noticed the strangest thing.

do you see it?

my wonderful hubby had been walking around with the tag still attached to his shirt. BWAAAHAHAHAHA!! no, most of the time he was in his coat, but he wasn't at the restaurant...lmao. he said this is why people were looking at him and smiling...lol. this could only happen to my hubbers (i take that back, this is something that would happen to me too, but mine woulda been a sticker on my ass letting everyone know my pant size).

after all of that, we met up with pat and mike in the lobby and did a lil walking around. we headed to the cigar store for mike and lush for us gals (oooh how i can't wait to take a bath with my bath bombs).

at this point it was still raining, but we decided to head on over to cafe du monde for cafe au lait before dinner (i wish we woulda been able to get beignets, but another time).

after we killed about an hour, it was time for our reservations at tujagues. dinner was fancy and yummy (hello crawfish..yum!). plus, the biggest event happened there: MY HUSBAND ATE FISH!!!!. now i couldn't get him to try the crawfish but baby steps. lil baby steps.

now we were all full and ready to hit the bar scene. so we headed over to pat o's for a few drinks.

we had a blast.

me and greta in front of the fountain at pat o's.

after a few more bars, we crashed. once we woke up (oh boy was that hard) and got moving, we headed to petunia's for the best damn breakfast that i have had in a long time. oh my gosh was it good. and the prices were unbelieveable.

again our bellies were full and it was time to head home.

we had a great time and i am so glad that we went (we were originally going to cancel b/c i felt like crap..but after we found out it was past cancellation time and we woulda had to pay for it anyway, we decided to go). and i am so glad that we did.

i hope everyone else had as much fun and i can't wait to go again (hint hint greta).

you can see the rest of the pictures here.

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christine said...

Glad to see your pics from NO -I was in the gulfcoast (Gulfport and Biloxi) over Thanksgiving, but did'nt get any further. I think it's important that people know that tourists are welcomed back........