Tuesday, December 27, 2005


this looks like an innocent, angelic lil girl right???


tonight at dinner, we were at the table and bella was complaining that she was finished.

i told her that she needed to eat two more bites of her pizza (the kids have eaten nothing but junk all damn day and even though i know she was prolly full from all the tin popcorn she ate all day, i thought that she needed the nutrition from some pizza).

so she turned toward her plate and said "awwwww damn it!"

in complete "the christmas story"-style (when he says "awwww fuddddggggggge!" except he didn't say fudge).

my head snapped so fast to look at mike, i thought i was going to break my neck. then of course my hands flew up to my mouth before bella saw me bust up laughing.

i'm going to be a bad parent here, but i must admit, it was the funniest thing. that is really the first bad word that she has intentionally said. of course i got blamed for it, but oh well.

better that then something else that she could have heard me say ;)

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The Other Half said...

love the hair...and i can totally relate on the trying not to laugh...but well...you can't help it...