Tuesday, December 06, 2005


ya know, here lately i have been taking a really good look at myself. what are my great qualities? what are my down falls? where do i need improvement? what do people see when they see me? are they things that i haven't seen?

i have been doing this both physically, mentally, personality-wise, etc.

i guess i have been going through this whole "who am i?" phase.

does this happen to everyone when they are knocking on "30's" door?

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Greta said...

I see a shy reserved girl.
I see a girl who tends to come off bitchy when you first meet someone even though you don't mean it.
I see a girl who will listen to me when I am "rantin and ramen".
I see a girl with more craft talents then I will ever have.
I see a girl who befriended me in 2002 when I started at Biloxi PD.
I see a girl who is very beautiful on the outside as well as the inside.
I see a great mother and wife.
I see a girl who needs to work on not letting herself get worked up over small stuff.
I see a girl who should not analyze things so closely. It will just drive you nuts.
I see a girl who needs to not worry so much about what "other people" think just concentrate on what she thinks.
I see a girl who is a great friend but most of all I see a girl who is MY best friend.

I love you girl!!