Sunday, December 11, 2005


earlier when we were getting ready for dinner and stuff (of course nothing to extreme due too the way me and mike are feeling) the phone rang.

i didn't recognize the number on caller id but i can't stand to just let it ring so i answered:

me: "hello?"

lil boy: "is mikey there?"

me: dumbfounded "mikey?"

lil boy: "yeah"

me: "are you calling for mikey?"

lil boy: "yeah mikey"

me: "may i ask who's calling?"

lil boy: "brandon"

me: "hold on" still dumbfound while i found mikey and gave him the phone.

is this happening???? is my six year old receiving phone calls???? i didn't know what to do. am i the type of mom that says no phone until you're older or am i the hip, cool mom that doesn't care.

i guess i'm the hip, cool mom b/c i gave him the phone :)


krissy said...

hey elizabeth...finally time to catch up on your blog. thanks for your nice comment...glad i was able to inspire you to pick up bust! (it's such an amazing magazine).

your little boy is so cute chatting on the phone! hee hee. i don't think i knew how to use a phone until i was much older. but once i knew how i was on it all the out for your little one!

Greta said...

aww be hip and cool...they may have had to talk about "engine turtles" or the way how did he get the phone number??? LMAO...i am laughing because I can...I haven't had my turn yet give me a few years though

twistedsoda said...

they grow up so fast don't they! The only person I talked to on the phone at that age was my mother...and she usually phoned to tell me to stop picking on my brother. How did she know what I was doing is beyond me....hehehe

elizabeth said...

he got another phone call i guess its pretty cute.

i prolly should worry when i hear a lil girl's voice on the other line ;)