Tuesday, December 27, 2005


"reflection" in a silver laddle. which is fitting since i love, love, love to cook.

ya know its funny. for the past week or so, i have been really thinking about why i blog. and wouldn't ya know greta would pose the question "why do YOU blog" (along with posting her reason's as to why she blogs...and yes, i will take credit for it ;)

at first when i started to blog, it was to be a part of this great blogging community. i also wanted a place that i could post pictures of the kiddos and the crafty things that i do on a regular basis. this would allow friends and family members from afar to be able to see what we were up to (and to alleviate the guilt that i carried from not sending enough written letters and pictures to loved ones).

this also enabled me to keep better track of what and when we were doing various family activies. i was using "my space" as an organizational tool. this has helped me when i have had to look back at a certain date/time and i know it will help tremendously when i finally sit down and start to scrapbook again.

there have been times that i have gone weeks without posting and there have been times that i have posted something every day for weeks. before i knew it, a year had passed. a year of my life had been documented. a year had been shared with both friends and family. a year of new friends had been made. a year of new inspirations. a year of me.

but then recently i started to think "am i really sharing ME??" and the answer is yes. and then no. not all of me is shared. i don't think i post enough of the bitchin' and complaining. enough of the feelings that i have swimming inside of my head (and boy, is there a friggin' swim team in here). enough of the tree me (bitchiness and all).

i think this is mostly due to the fact that there are friends and family members out there that read this (not that i would really know since they don't ever comment...HINT HINT).

but does that matter?

i mean this is MY place after all correct? shouldn't i be able to say what i really feel without worrying if i am cussing too much (and believe you me, in real life i cuss like a friggin' sailor. in my blog life, i think maybe i have cussed a total of five times) or being too opinionated about certain things in my life? shouldn't i be able to talk about what i really want to talk about?

i think the answer to all of these questions is yes.

so with that said, in the new year, you may see a difference in "my space". don't worry, i will still be posting about my crafty ventures, still posting pictures of those gorgeous kids of mine, and still posting about all of our family adventures.

but i will now start posting more about ME.

i am also going to stop worrying about how many comments i have (okay, yeah, i know i was practically begging family members/friends to comment...but that's more so i know if they are still checking things out or if i have to start worrying about getting letters and pictures in the mail again). i know that it a completely neurotic and very jr. high, but i don't think that there is one blogger out there that has never been bugged about a post of their's not getting any comments. i mean after all, its nice to know that people out there think that what YOU have to say is interesting.

so i wanna give my girl a big ((((hug)))) and a thanks for really making me look at the reasons i blog and what i really want in a blog.


Greta said...

Glad I could help ya girly..hehe..

April said...

yeah i need to do this too..."why i blog" ... that'll be a nice ramble session!
i am also addin you to my list or i will never check your blog..i am so bad about that!
girl, you are the BOSS of your blog & you should write whatever you feel like! cussing and ALL!

i hate lurkers who dont comment...tee hee hee....


Nancy said...

My blog doesn't even TAKE comments - how sucky is that? The geek who wrote the software says it's just not called for. Or some such thing. Oh well.