Tuesday, December 27, 2005


here are a few pics of some of the things that i made this year for christmas presents. i love these picture frames. i bought them at michael's and they are like a partical board frame that is all ready for decorating. i believe the large ones were $4.99 and the small ones were $2.99 (you can't beat that!!!).

i will def. be buying these again.

"the mikey" for my mom. scrapbooking paper for background. wooden stars painted red. paper cutout letters that spell out "mikey".

"the bella" again for my mom. scrapbooking paper for background. buttons above picture. paper cutout letters glued on paper circles adhered to frame with pop-dots.

"love" for michael. one of my most favorite pictures of me and mike. scrapbook paper for background and edges of frame inked with brown ink. the word "love" stamped with typewriter key stamps, glued to paper, and clear page pebbles over stamped letters.

every year on christmas eve, we all exchange ornaments. this year instead of buying ornaments, i made everyone one (which worked out really good b/c from what i hear, it was hard to find ornaments this year. i guess shipments were really low due to the storm...therefore i didn't get an ornament this year).

mom's scrabble ornament.

bella's princess belle ornament.

b.c.'s poker ornament.

mikey's army ornament.

michael's green bay packer ornament.

boy am i glad that bought a TON of the glass ornaments from michael's. i'm really happy with the way they turned out. i'd like to do handmade ornaments from now on. easy-peasy...supa cheap...and from the heart.

how can ya beat that??


Greta said...

I am lovin the ornaments...I am going to have to buy me some and do that as well....That is a great happy for people that you normally don't buy for. Everything turned out super as usually. The frames are too fabu just like you.

Love ya

Miss Dot said...

thanks for the comment in response to my request on ornaments for boys. Unfortunately I live in Australia and we barely have craft supplies! it is like the war never ended, hahahaha. But seriously I have never seen those empty baubles, they are brilliant, so easy to customise to each person. You are very clever!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!
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