Thursday, December 08, 2005


thanks to the wonderful sunni i have found the perfect gift for a pair of wine lovers. we are attending a christmas/housewarming party for a co-worker and his wife this weekend and these are going to go perfect with the bottle of wine that we plan on bringing. they say "salute" (cheers in italian) and "prost" (cheers in german). she is italian, he is german (dear God please don't let him remember my blog and happen to check it between now and saturday ;)

they will be drinking wine.

we will be drinking crown and coke!

bring the drunk fest on!!!

note to self: you will not do anything that will keep everyone talking come monday morning. been there. done that.


two rabbits said...

they look awesome!! isn't glass etching just the best idea for gifts - so easy and with such satisfying results. i'm sure your friends will love them!

have a fun time too! it's my personal opinion that anything you do in front of coworkers in the month of december is not allowed to be held over you or remembered or talked about lol! ;) it's time to be merry!

joy madison said...

so cool! love them!

elizabeth said...

thanks ya'll. keep your eyes open for some great lil ornaments that i will be posting about shortly ;)