Sunday, December 11, 2005


on saturday, mike got up and took mikey to the pd (mike got called in to fix something at work) and then to get mikey's haircut (looong overdue).

i was actually looking forward to this b/c not only did i have a ton of cleaning to do before the party we went to that night, but i was looking forward to hanging out with bella by myself.

its amazing how different (and well behaved) the kids act when they are by themselves. bella is a complete joy to be around (disclaimer: not that she isn't any other time but when her mikey are together OY VAY!!).

bella had so much fun playing with her baby (aka bear) and putting it to bed and feeding it snacks.

what a great time.

then later on in the evening, we dropped the kiddos off at my mom's and headed to pensacola for a christmas party. due to the fact that the party was an hour and a half away, we were going to be staying there overnight (which was nice, b/c then we could both drink).

we had fun and had loads of fun playing this bean bag game they had and the soprano's game later on.

we got really drunk and were really tired when we woke up this a.m. but it was worth it.

the only bad thing is i didn't get any pictures. there was someone there taking pictures so hopefully she will give the host/hostess a copy of the pics and i can get em from them.

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