Wednesday, December 07, 2005


on sunday, we finally got the house decorated for christmas. the kiddos couldn't wait to get the ornaments on the tree (and i left them all at the bottom, just where they hung them ;)

i think i have decided that i need to week out a lot of decorations i have and get some new ones. i am just not happy with some of what i have. a lot of them are purchases when they were super-dooper cheap at joann's the day after christmas and i think my taste is beginning to change.

of course i will be keeping all the sentimental decorations.

snowman collection.

snowman candle holder

my great-grandpa arbino's ornaments. my mom gave us (me and my bro's) each two of them. this is the box she gave mine in.

grandpa arbino's ornament-one. isn't it delicious?

grandpa arbino's ornament-two. beautiful!

the kiddos decorating the tree.


joy madison said...

my kids did the same thing....except jaden put like 5 on one branch, etc. I moved those:) but basically I left the tree the way they did it too! Love those gorgeous glass ornaments, especially because they are meaningful to you!!!

elizabeth said...

thanks joy! i almost wish that i could snag my brother's i need to have my mom break them out (of course when her house is back in order) and see what my brother's are getting :)

two rabbits said...

what a beautiful tree!!! i love your snowman collection too - snowmen are my favorite holiday "symbol"!