Tuesday, December 27, 2005


as usual, i was the first one up on christmas morning. i still have a hard time falling asleep the night before and i get up entirely too early on christmas morning excited to see the kiddos open up presents (and of course to see what i got too ;)

santa was *very, very* good to us this year. there was a present overload in my living room this year.

look at all those presents!!

mikey taking his first look at what santa brought.

bella taking her first look at what santa brought.

bella's new disney princess dress up box. no that's not her cosmo mix sitting next to her ;)

mikey's new scarf made by mommy.

bella's new scarf made by mommy.

michael's finally gets the soprano's cigar aficiando magazine that has been very, very hard to get.

i get scene it the music addition.

bella gives me a lil christmas smooch.

go packers!

after presents were opened, we were all so hungry from all that hard work. so breakfast was served. we had bagels with cream cheese, fruit, and cinnamon rolls. delish!

my mom got b.c. a tv poker game that came with six different controllers (so no one else could see your cards). it was so much fun to play. i think we played for a couple of hours. this may be something that me and michael will have to invest in.

after playing poker for a couple of hours, it was dinner time. now i know that people usually have turkey or ham for christmas, but it has always been the tradition that we have italian for dinner. so this year's menu consisted of:

my mom's sauce
pork braciole
angel hair pasta
italian salad
garlic bread
homemade pizza
parm cheese dipped in sweet balsalmic vinegar (yum!)
and for dessert
cherry zabaglione tart

dinner was a hit. we were all so stuffed afterward.

lets eat!

and, if you didn't think that it could happen again, it did. while we were at dinner, i noticed that michael was wearing the sticker that came on his shirt. i was rollin'. i couldn't believe the following things: 1. that he could let that happen again. 2. that i didn't notice it before dinner since he had been wearing the shirt for a few hours by the time i noticed it.

now i am going to start keeping track of this and see how many times it will happen.

our family had a very wonderful christmas and i hope that you and yours are having a wonderful time too.

i am off now till jan. 3rd and i have a whole week of activities planned. alot of crafting with the kiddos, some scrapbooking, some organizing, and a lot of fun!

so stay tuned :)


Jenn said...

what a wonderful holiday!! the kids look very happy! (and you guys do too!) the poker game looks like fun, my husband and I like that sort of thing as well.
as far as the tag thing: I went to the library the other day and realized as I was checking out that my shirt was inside out. this was not the first time...so I can see how that would happen!!

Greta said...

ROTFLMFAO...Girl tell me it isn't so....I cannot wait to tell O'Neil cause we still roll about that...I need a good pic of the tag from NO for my blog to b/c I had to put that on my trip as well...I have it all drafted up