Monday, December 12, 2005


this a.m. around 6:30.

oh today has been the busiest day in quite some time. at work i was busy the better part of the day working on an inventory. the only bad thing about this inventory is that a good bit of the information is probably wrong, so i have to try and track it down....grrrr!!!

then i realized that christmas is next weekend, not in two weekends like i thought. so i have one more day till i have to have all of my outta town packages ready to go out in the mail.

i still haven't completed my christmas cards (currently working on that..well, not currently since i am bloggin' ;)

i have been crafting with paper since i got home at 4:15 this afternoon. i am TIRED!!!

and i keep thinking of other things to do.

such as:

*finish christmas cards

*mail out two packages that i sold off of good morning sunshine.

*pick up stamps and mail out christmas cards.

*finish out of towners presents.

*mail them out.

*make crafty gifts for the locals ;)

*bake biscotti

*fill out christmas cards for coworkers (these are not handmade).

*cut out mikey's school pictures and put in with christmas cards before i mail them.

*hope i get bella's school pictures tomorrow so i can include those and not have to waste more stamps.

*keep checking my bank account so i can verify my paypal acct. (this is so stupid. and of course this is so i can accept credit card payments...didn't know it until i received one).

*start wrapping presents.

*get ready for our new orleans trip this weekend.

*get melissa her bday present.

i guess that's it for now. looking at this list i feel so overwhelmed. and this isn't even a detailed list b/c i don't want some people to see some of the things i have to do.

oh boy!

whatta day!

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