Sunday, January 08, 2006


if you remember, last year i made pocket calendars for both my mom and mike for christmas. i did this by reconstructing the whole cover. what is great is you can buy these calendars at the dollar store, big lots, etc. for supa cheap (i got my for 59 cents!!).

i had bought a good bit of these in oct/nov with the intention of making them to tell at the craft fair i did this past november, but didn't get a chance to make them.

so when it came time to work on melissa's bday/christmas present, i knew this was just the thing (well one of the things) to do.

outside cover


for the outside cover, i used the following supplies:

*black and white polka dot scrapbook paper
*black and white mickey mouse paint chips from home depot
*red and white striped ribbon
*typed the letter "m" with a mickey mouse font on red paper
*covered the letter "m" with a making memories square page pebble

inside (for each month, there were lil pictures of puppies, kittens, etc. in the corners and i knew those had to go):

*black cardstock square
*white mickey mouse punched from a mickey mouse punch i have

i didn't take a picture of it, but the back side has a red mickey mouse paint chip smack dab in the middle.

voila!!! a new, cute calendar. i still have a bunch in the other room. i'm thinking of doing up some more and putting them up on the etsy shop.

whatcha ya'll think?


V said...

I think that is absolutely adorable!! What a FUN idea!!!

elizabeth said...

v, thanks doll!

email me your new blog. greta hasn't given it to me yet :)

Greta said...

I think that is a great idea. I thought I e-mailed it on Friday.

Anonymous said...

cool i would like to buy one from you if i could like a micky mouse one if you have any more . wish i was as crafty as you lol ..... paula

elizabeth said...

paula~ email me at work or at my home account :)

Anonymous said...

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