Tuesday, January 31, 2006


three meals i ate today.

three people i pissed off today.

three songs i've listened to over and over today.

three posts i made today.

three phone calls to greta from work today.

three beers i'm drowning my sorrows in today.


V said...

whatsa matter sweet cheeks??? talk to me girlie!!

Greta said...

oh girl the drama we live...hey guess nothing else is happening so let's picl on the cool chicks in town huh?...hehehe...screw a beer get the crown and coke...hehehe

julia said...

Aw, hope tomorrow is better!

Hey, I just saw you tagged me. Thanks! I started it and realized I'd done that a few months ago (I don't think I waited to be tagged, hee hee). Anyway, I made up a new meme, and I'm tagging you right back!

April said...

hey this is SO not detailed enough for my nosy ass.
hee hee....

three comments you had when i showed up. ;)