Thursday, January 19, 2006


oh how i hate when i get behind on posting, but there hasn't been that much excitement going on over here. i have two swaps that i am in that i better start busting my butt on.

life has been pretty dull (and busy with the kids since mike is working late in the evenings).

my bro is back in town so this weekend i will be going to my mom's to hang out, eat, play some poker, and have a few drinks.

so hopefully i will have something more to post in the next day or two.

okay, off to watch dancin' with the stars.

hope everyone is having a more eventful week then me :)


Anonymous said...

i can so relate to this post!
sometimes i just don't know what's interesting enough in my life to blog about!
but it's fun anyway!

April said...

nothing eventful going on over here...LOL!!

have a good one chicky!

give *hugs* to greta girl!


Candice said...

Too much going on! I'd take your week anytime!