Sunday, January 22, 2006


well, i finally joined

you can find me here.

i'm not even a member for five friggin minutes and i already have a problem. i uploaded a few scrapbook pages and the darn website (which was already running a lil slow, so i shoulda known better) gave me the ol "website not responding...blah blah" when i choose to save the images/description page. so like a big ol idiot, i hit reload a couple of times which the only thing that did was duplicate my images a few times.

so i figure no big deal, i can delete the duplicates. nope! or at least not that i can find. i can only delete the image which results the "post" to still be there, but not the image.


so someone please, help this big idiot out and tell me how i can delete all those extra lo's.

aside from that, i didn't have a very exciting day today. i got the rest of my laundry finished, watched a buttload of lifetime, and now i am watching i love the 80's, which is one of my favorite things to watch.

i did end up doing something for the first time today though. i cooked some friggin' elk and lemme tell ya, that shit went right into the garbage. we had gotten an assload of free deer and i thought that was deer too but it wasn't. it was so friggin' nasty i can't believe i cooked it. i had to hold my nose during the whole process.


dinner was delish though (oh, i should mention that the elk was going to be for chili tomorrow night. trying to be all prepared and stuff).

for dinner i followed this recipe, but made the following adjustments:

*instead of marscapone cheese, i used low fat ricotta

*instead of tortilli i used five cheese ravioli.

can you say yum!!!!

very yummy for the tummy but prolly not good for the outside tummy!

which leads me into something else. i intend on making another blog in the next week or so that will take me thru the journey of losing just another 10 more lbs. be on the look out for that.


April said...

dude...i love the 80s is the best thing ever. how horrible was that decade? sheesh!

glad you had mellow weekend! i love those....

elk? never heard of that. hmmph...well, not surprising b/c of its not cow, pig or chicken, april dont touch it. hahaha!


April said...

grrrr....*if* its not

i hate grammar mistakes...LOL!


Jenn said...

just printed the recipe...she is one of my favorites. I am so addicted to food network!!
I went to a scrapbook store with a friend this weekend and even though I don't scrapbook I bought tons of stuff. I would be so addicted it I did that! there is so much great stuff to choose from!!!

elizabeth said...

whew...april i thought you were saying i made a grammer boo-boo, b/c i love pointing them out when its someone else's mistakes, but hate to be pointed out....he he he!!!


i swear, aren't all the things out there fab-boo???

once you start to scrapbook, i swear, there's no going back :)

vintage lilac said...

Girrrrlll........I just read your scrapbook profile. My birthday is February 28!! Very cool! I don't find too many people with bdays around that time so I get overly excited when I do.

Greta said...

okay Eliz...ELK for gaed sake what the fark were you thinking? I am with april minus the cow if it's not pig or chicken sista not touching it. Glad you joined SB.COM YEAH!!!

V said...

Elk?! Eeek!! I hated it when my dad used to cook up deer meat, that stuff stinks! YUCK!

I checked out your profile on and you already know how I feel about that layout!! :)