Friday, January 20, 2006


can you believe it?!?!?

my lil baby has a loose tooth.

we were both in the kitchen and mikey said something to me and i noticed it looked like the space between two of his teeth was larger. so i thought that maybe he had food stuck in between his teeth (ewww!).

so i called him over to me and i looked, no stuck food (thank goodness), but one of his lil teeth was leaning forward. so i gave it a good wiggle.

and it moved!!!

i let mikey know he had a loose tooth and asked him if he had noticed and of course he had not.

now we are all sitting around on pins and needles waiting for it to fall out (and due to the fac that mikey can't quit wiggling it around, it will be out in no time :)


V said...

Losing the first tooth is the best!! I remember each of my kids going thru that!! I used to love to wiggle 'em too!!!

Not sure why but this post just showed up for me, I've been checking your blog daily and just saw it!

Wasn't ignoring you!!! ;)

Greta said...

same here i was on at 330 this am and it wasn't here...hmmmmm...looks as if the tooth fairy better get to saving...1 st teeth are always the most expensive...hehehehe

Anonymous said...

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