Monday, January 23, 2006


....a holster sniffer (aka cop lover)

*you don't mind the handcuffs making an appearance.

*officers running code sends chills up your spine and gives ya a good kinda shiver.

*a shoulder holster is the best friggin accessory for a man.

*the "crime unit" look is hot, hot, hot greta knows what i'm talking about.

*him putting on his uniform and gun belt is well worth watching.

*listening to him talk in codes and signals is the best kind of dirty talk.

*watching him in cop action is the best type of fore play.

these are just a few signs that you are a holster-sniffer.

and yes, these all apply to me.


edited to add for all those newbies out there reading: not only am i married to a cop, i work with a buncha them too! so this type of stuff is in my face all.of.the.time!!


V said...

LOL!!!! I can't get that "same feeling", my dad is a detective so.... you know what I mean! LOL!!! But DH is a Corrections Officer so maybe....but they don't wear holsters...ahh forget it! BWAHAHAHA!!

R said...

LOL! Holster sniffer? Thats a new word to me! Learn something new everyday...especially in the world of blogs!

my house is cuter than yours said...

I think I might be one too! I never knew!

elizabeth said...

lmao...well, i'm thinking that maybe i could be the leader of a club if we find more holster sniffers out there m.h.i.c.t.y!!

Greta said...

ROTFL i know exactly what ya talking about sista