Saturday, January 21, 2006


tonight we went to my mom's for dinner and to have another christmas since my brother buddy was back in town.

dinner was delish but i wanted to get to the good part, exchanging the presents. now you may be thinking "that's awfully selfish of you elizabeth", but i wasn't excited to receive any presents, i was excited to give my brother his.

ya see, i am really big on giving presents that have a story behind them (another thing we can blame my mom for) and this year's presents were over the top. i kinda made a theme outta it (yet another thing to blame on mom) and gave him presents that were associated from his past.

let me show ya a few pictures of the kiddos, us, blah, blah and then i'll finish my story with pictures of him and his presents.

me, buddy, & my mom.

mikey, buddy, & bella.

mikey gets one of the loudest, most annoying toy guns from uncle buddy which only means ones thing.....PAY BACK IS A BITCH!!!!

lil bella boo gets dora (whom she loves)!

as usual, the self portrait of me and mike (note: this is the only decent shot outta about 6 due to the fact that michael hasn't given up on the goofy-ass faces).

just a picture to show you how much time, energy, and love went in to his gift wrapping. hard to tell but it was more than likely yesterday's newspaper secured with masking tape. this is how my brother usually wraps all his presents. however, there have been times that you received presents in walmart bags or with nothing at all...BWAHAHAHAAAA! he did though give us a very much needed (and appreciated) lowes gift card.

okay, on to the good part.

first i am going to tell you about two of the presents that aren't pictured:

1. first season of mcgyver on dvd

when buddy was younger, he lived for mcgyver. he like to pretend he was mcgyver. i didn't get it, but i whatever, i was a hunter girl and to each their own.

2. super mario brothers boxer shorts

yuck elizabeth, you gave your brother underwear??? oh not just any underwear...SUPER MARIO BROTHERS!!! me and my bros grew up on nintendo. we lived for nintendo. we would compete by writing our scores down on a lil chalkboard we had. we would play for hours while listening to mixed tapes i made on our walkman (can't touch this), we would fight endlessly of which two of us got to play.

but one christmas, ahhhh, i remember it like it was yesterday, the only thing that me and my brothers wanted (esp. me and buddy) was super mario brothers 3. it had just been released but we hadn't planned on getting it (we weren't the richest family on the block, but we weren't the poorest but back then those games were expensive). so we had opened all our presents and no super mario 3. then we noticed there was one more. we tore it open and there it was....SUPER MARIO BROS. 3!!! i can still see me and buddy running around the living room screaming and yelling our heads off.

oh the excitement!!!

3. a scarf knitted by me in his favorite color (which is pictured).

alright, last but not least...the present i couldn't wait to give. i was crying with laughter before he even took it out.

okay, lemme set this up for you. back when we were younger, we were in the basement of my grandparent's house playing pool with a buncha our cousins. i would say we were all in the age range of 7-13 (buddy prolly being the youngest). we were all talking about the cool things we wanted to be when we grew up.

so when it got to be buddy's turn to say what he wanted to be when he grew up he spouts out:


oh how us kids died laughing, making fun of him. MR. T????? wtf? so to this day i still tease him about that and his excuse is "he had big muscles".

so when i spotted this lil gem on the internet, i knew it had to be his presents.

drum roll please....

a mr. t rubber ducky!!!!!

and here's buddy with his best mr. t face holding his new prized possession.

now i told him that i expect him to use it and i want him to have someone taking his picture using it in the tub (with assloads of bubbles of course).

hope ya'll had a grrrrreat saturday.

i pity the fool who didn't



julia said...

Isn't it fun to give presents like that! He must've been soooo touched!

PS we lived for Super Mario Bros, too ... remember how you'd play for so long that you'd dream about it at night?

Cute pics!

V said...

I loved Mario Bros!!!! Now I have that song going thru my head!! Mixed tapes!!! I made a million of them!!

You are your mom look like sisters!

I *LOVE* the look on bellas face with her present!!! I want to squeeze her cheeks!

You and M make such a cute couple! You both really completment each other!

My Aunt used to wrap our presents in the Sunday Comics.....she was rich too so we thought she was mental....LOL!!

That Mr. T ducky is a RIOT!!!!!!

**assloads of bubbles!!**

Greta said...

jesus eliz the though of your bro in the tub with ducky T is gross...assloads of bubbles or not...LMAO!! Love the pic of u and mike..glad to see the shit grin disappeared for a change...