Tuesday, January 03, 2006

TAG!!! I'M IT!!!!

artsymama tagged me and asked me to name 5 weird things about myself.

for me this is hard.

b/c i could prolly name 105 weird things about myself ;) i'll try to restrain from listing that many, but i must warn, i may name more than 5.

numero uno

i have a hard time going potty if i am in a public bathroom and someone is in the next stall or hanging out by the sink. then i start to worry that they think i'm so quiet b/c i am pooping (which in public is a no-no...which is weird thing numero 101). then b/c of this, it takes me even longer to go potty and i end up just wiping and flushing (as if i peed really quietly) and leave. i do this alot at work and just end up going to another bathroom or waiting until the person leaves and then i go back (thank goodness that the bathroom is right next to one of my office doors ;)

numero dos

i can not eat a meal and dessert with the same fork. the same holds true at breakfast time. if i eat over easy eggs i cannot eat my pancakes with the same fork (just yesterday, i asked the waitress to bring me another fork after i ate my eggs and hashbrowns with ketchup so i could eat my french toast).

numero tres

this kinda falls in line with numbero dos. i do not lick clean my fork, my spoon, a knife or any other eating utensil. i also usually don't let my lips touch my fork (spoon yes). therefore there is always food left on my fork. when i see other people licking clean their utensils i wanna gag (this also applies to people who lick the frosting off of the top of their cupcake and it leaves spit/tongue marks...oh.my.gosh...i'm gagging right now as i type this).

numero quatro

when i drive over a bridge (as a passenger), i look over the side to see if i can see a person dead and floating. the same applies to bags of garbage on the side of the road (was someone murdered, stuffed in the bag, and then the bag was dropped or thrown outta the back of a beat up pick up truck?), wooded areas (did someone hang themselves from a tree), and garbage dumps.

this prolly stems from too many lifetime movies and reading too many serial killer/true crime books.

numero cinco

my mind works in very mysterious ways. i tend to ask questions (and i've been told that i ask *too* many questions) that no one else would really think of.

example: (note: this was said at work in front of a buncha policeman. so you can imagine the hard time i got afterwards).

elizabeth is reading a book (which has nothing to do with upcoming question), puts the book down and says "hey, do you think those freaky women that have sex with dogs can get pregnant by the dog?" or "hey, do you think those women that have their period while they are pregnant can get pregnant again with another child while they are still carrying the first one?"

pretty sick huh?

numero seis

as i've mentioned a gazillion times on here already, i cannot stand to hear someone clipping their nails. that sound. that horrific sound.

numero siete

i remember practically all of my dreams (in great detail). i can remember dreams i had when i was a little, little girl. i can be sitting at my desk at work and a dream i had two and a half years ago will pop into my head, completely outta the blue.

numero ocho

my children can throw up all over me (even though it will prolly cause a chain reaction) and i'm fine. but if they scrape a toe and the littlest bit of blood comes out, i get lightheaded and feel as if i may faint.

numero nueve

i cannot stand the taste of cilantro. the smallest piece and i will throw up. makes going to mexican restaurants pretty difficult.

numero diaz

when i was preggo with mikey, i had aversions to the smell of apple/cinnamon plug ins and lysol. to this day, the smell turns my stomach.

well, i think thats enough for now.

if you no longer read my blog b/c you are too spooked out by all this weirdness, i completely understand ;)

now its my turn to tag. i tag allison, robin, jessica and anyone else who would like to do it :)


Greta said...

LOL...this still cracks my ass up and btw yes you can get preg while pregnant already...happen to a friend of my mom's daughter. Her kids are 3 or 4 days apart. LOL wouldn't that suck the big one. Jill know's someone that happened to also.

V said...

OMG. I'm DYING HERE!!! Comments to your "weirdness" as follows:

#1 - you still wipe even if youdon't go pee?? (Me too!! LOL!!)

#2 - I think it's better to ask for a new fork then bring your own!!

#3 - LOL!! I'm trying to picture the way you would eat jello with a fork or spaghetti. (this one makes me laugh!!!) mmm cupcakes

#4 - HOLY CRAP!! ME TOO!! Only when I see the small garbage bags on the side of the road I think it's small animals that mean bullies threw in the road.

#5 - I ask way too many questions, I'll be thinking of something and no talking about it but then ask you a question like you should know what I'm talking about. do it all.the.time.

#6 - brb, nails are too long....TOE NAILS..... (ok joking!!)

#7 - I dream in color

#8 - I think that is the mommy in us, you never want your kids to get sick. I get the same way and I've always wanted to be a nurse!

#9 - so I take it you don't like salsa??

#10 - ME TOO!!!! Only it's the pear perfume from Victoria's secret. A girl at the front desk where I worked a long time ago would were enough for the whole world and I would invision taking her in the bathroom and giving her a swirlie. I still hate PEAR!!! (but just the perfume!! I love eating them)

I'm going to do this on my blog!! Come look when you get a chance, did Greta give you the link??

April said...

i am DYING laughing.

and as for the bags on the side of the road, i though i was the only weirdo who did this! i try to get a good look when im on the highway for the shape of a body.

so gross.


Raquel's Box of Chocolate said...

My god, you ARE weird.

But have no fear, the blog world would be a boring place without you!!!! You always have me in stitches! (sans the blood of course).

Anonymous said...

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