Monday, January 23, 2006


today mikey came home with his first real homework. he had some key words "to", "a", "and", "the", "of" which were also spelling words.

he had a list of things that he could do with the words and we choose finding the words in a newspaper article.

he did a very good job both spelling the words (without looking at the words) and finding them.

thank goodness we are not at a point where i have to do a lot of the


Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Awwww cute! Glad he is doing well with his homework!

V said...

Now that is adorable!! And just you wait, the homework gets harder!!! (Even for us parents!)

pretendingsanity said...

oh, man, and it begins!

Greta said...

soon we'll have to go back to school and re learn everything all over year in first grade he will bring home