Sunday, January 29, 2006


i just needed to take a minute from putting an ass load of laundry away to vent.


i know i've said plenty of times before that being organized was going to be a top priority from now on. but it hasn't. shit is everywhere. every place i look there are papers, clothes, toys, craft supplies, etc. just all over the place.

how do i get all of this organized and then stay motivated to keep it organized?

i've already decided that i am going to go thru the kids' closets next weekend and make a trip to my local thrift store to dump all the stuff off. tonight i am going to file all this paperwork that i have let build up again.

its just so time consuming. i'm a busy gal. i don't get home until almost six o'clock on any given week night. then its time to cook dinner, clean the kitchen, get the kids bathed, get em ready for bed, and then off to bed. by then, i'm so damn tired that i don't feel like doing anything but sitting on the couch and then go to bed.

when the weekend roll around, i feel like simply relaxing. which i then feel guilty about.

folks, i have to start packing stuff up and getting it in the storage unit so we can put this place up for sale in a month. i know my main strategy is going to be getting rid of things (i am def. not taking a buncha this stuff with me) but what else can i do?

if you guys have any tips of how YOU stay organized and keep it up, i'd love to hear it, but this post is mostly a rant for my own sake. i was hoping that taking a break from that and writing about it would keep me from snapping at my kids every ten seconds and then to keep me from yelling at mike for something not worthy of a yell once he gets home.

sigh....a lil bit better, but i feel a snap towards the kids coming.


Greta said...

no advice from me i'm just as bad...pack all that shit up and move it out...that'll make ya feel better

Pink Rocket said...

Sorry the day wasn't good! I'm an organizing freak but it doesn't stay organized, ya know what I mean? Tomorrow I'm taking a bunch of stuff to the Goodwill, I'm tired of looking at it!

V said...

have you ever tried The people that use it LOVE IT. I haven't offically signed up yet but I take tips from my mom, she has/had piles everywhere, not messy but still, she's so busy she just makes piles, not progress!! LOL!! But seriously, look into that. It's a step by step thing and I've heard nothing but good about it! And seriously, I could have written your post myself!

vintage lilac said...

1.) I completely agree with I've used it for years and if you can stick with it, it will make a world of difference. I don't use it to it's fullest extent but the tips and tricks are great. It's very inspiring. If you sign up for the e-mails they are a bit overwhelming, but you'll learn a method from them and then you can always unsubscribe.

2.) Watch a lot of "Clean Sweep" (TLC) and "Clean House" on the Style Network. I always feel inspired to go get rid of stuff after watching one of those shows. In fact, I'll turn them on and listen to them as I clean.

3.) Maybe it's just me but the one rule I keep forgeting about but when I do remember it it does a world of wonders- keep all like things together. It's my new mantra and it has saved my sanity.

I'm working on the organizational thing, too. It's been a long road, I'm getting better at it and I just keep trying.

Anonymous said...

A few ideas that have helped me:
1.) If you have ten minutes to spare, grab a garbage bag and cruise through every room in your house and quickly search for anything that can be thrown away--be ruthless. Take no more than ten minutes!
2.) Put GoodWill items directly into your car, where you are more likely to remember them.
3.) Other people live with so much less, and so can we.
4.) Set a timer for housekeeping, and quit when it goes off--the time restraint will keep you motivated.
5.) Remember your house is neater than someone else's. :o)