Tuesday, January 31, 2006

SP PT 6!!

self portrait tuesday part 6

oh how i wish that she was still around so we could crochet together and she could teach me different stitches.

note: i think i actually took this picture as a funny (and of course to be a big ol pain in the ass). i think my grandma had fallen asleep while crocheting. i'm so glad that i was such a pain in the ass or i woulda never had a picture of her doing this.


Jennifer said...

This is really sweet. I often wish my grandma was still around, too, for her crafting wisdom...

V said...

You make me think of my g-ma as well. She was all hip with her hair, earrings, painted nails, and make-up on every day. She was bed ridden the last 10 yers of her life and never a day went by when she wouldn't wear make-up and make herself all beautiful. Thank you for this post, I haven't really thought about that in such a long time. And I can see how special she was to you. PITA (pain in the ass) or not! :)

Auntie M. said...

She could have been sleeping! Ha, ha, ha. I have been thinking of mom and dad a lot lately too, Elizabeth. Just had to let you know.
Aunt Madelyn