Monday, January 23, 2006


i present to each of you a challenge...


i am sitting here staring at lime wire without a clue as to what to dload (aside from "she will be loved"-maroon five {thanks alexandra for the reminder} and "on the road again"-bob seger.

so i need all of my usual posters and all those lurkers to come out of lurkdom and give me some good music suggestions.

i will post the type of music that i like to listen to and hopefully that will help with the suggestions:

*classic rock
*80's music
*anything like dmb, damien rice, etc.
*postal service-type music
*sarah mclaughlin, natalie merchant, etc.
*i love sappy lovey-dovey music
*al green, otis redding

okay, that should help a little!!!

i expect to see a lot of comments here girls!

help a sista out!!!

okay, back to the bachelor :)


my house is cuter than yours said...

I love The Cars and Tom Petty...does that work for your 80's fix?

ps. I found one pattern I am interested in, I left a comment on it in flickr.

Nickerjac said...

How about James Blunt back to bedlam album for sappy lovey-dovey Music and you can't go wrong with Joni Mitchells blue album

Anonymous said...

Download :
SPOON the way we get by
Death Cab For cutie - anything really but their most recent CD PLANS is my fav!
I'm sure I'll think of more later! Good luck with the DL!

V said...

Love me some Natasha Bedingfield, I really love her latest, "Unwritten". Don't forget John Mayer. I saw him in concert and Maroon 5 opened for them...GOOD SHOW.

oh yeah, can't forget the Carpenters!! LOL!!!

joelene said...

Hum, check out:

Low's new album

Iron and Wine

Nada Surf


spoon is good, sufjun stevens, sun kill moon,

all those are pretty slow.

Tegan and Sara

I am so into Bowie, Elton John and Queen right now too:)

Let me know if you want a mix tape special jsut for you:)

Raquel's Box of Chocolate said...

Dirty Dancing soundtrack
Sade-Lovers Rock, Smooth Operator, anything by her is awesome

Those are just off the top of my head. I'll come back later if I think of some more specific songs. BTW-If you are into Madonna, her new CD confessions on a dance floor really rocks!

elizabeth said...

ya'll are friggin' amazing!! thanks for all the music suggestions. off to start dloading like a crazy woman :)