Tuesday, January 24, 2006


sp tuesday

this week i chose a picture of my grandparents (with a splash of me) at their 50th anniversary party. i haven't seen this picture in quite some time. i discovered it again tonight when i was looking for the perfect picture for this weeks spt.

both of my grandparents have passed, and since then they both enter my mind at least once a day. the strange thing is i dream about their house at least once a week. sometimes they are there, sometimes, it has nothing to even do with them, but the house is present.

i often wonder why i dream of their house and try to think of what their house means to me. i really can't put my finger on it. i did love that house and loved being there. their house represented loads of fun (a ton of people, a pinball machine, air hockey, atari, a pool table. talk about a good time).

i love my grandparents dearly and in the past year (esp. since the dreams) i think of all the things i missed out on while they were still living and the things we could share together if they were still around today:

*having my grandma show me how to cook all of her favorite recipes.

*learning more about my grandpa's side of the family (i was always obsessed with my grandma's italian heritage).

*letting my grandma teach me how to crochet.

*really, really listening to the things they were saying.

*saying "i love you" more (they were not the type to express this type of emotion in words).

*them meeting their first great-granddaughter.

*sending my grandma handmade goodies by me and the kiddos.

but maybe i really shouldn't dwell on these type of things and think of the memories that i do have with them of the things we did share together:

*they did get to meet their first great-grandson and they were overwhelmed with joy and happiness.

*my grandma writing me little letters in italian when i was trying to teach myself in highschool.

*knowing that whenever i see a coke product i will immediately think of my grandpa.

*feeling as if i was really my grandma's favorite grandchild and had a special bond with her even though i never really lived close enough to be physically by her all the time.

*every 4th of july i think of my grandpa and his love of fireworks.

my grandparents will always be with me and that is something that makes me very happy. i'm glad that i have these memories of them and hope that my children will be interested in hearing about them one day.


Anonymous said...

oh elizabeth, i dream about my grandmother and her house all the time!
i think it's because it represented such a special place for me growing up.
or maybe that's just how they come back to visit us.
very touching blog girl!

my house is cuter than yours said...

The memories you have of your grandparents are so unique. I can tell that you really cherished them.

V said...

This post brought a tear to my eye....well more than one...I have so many memories too. And I dreampt of my grandfather's house the other night but they weren't there and there dining room was a pub (???no idea why!!!) This post was bitter sweet and now I want to go dig out all of my pics to stare at!


tender arts said...

My grandparents and mom have been on my mind a lot too. Maybe it's a January thing. Thanks for sharing such neat memories. (and thank you for stopping by my blog!)

Auntie M. said...

Me again. Wasnt that party just the best!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad we got to do that for them! Its a memory I will cherish all my life. And that all of you were there and the conneally's too. Later.