Tuesday, January 24, 2006


click picture for link.

whew!!! i'm finally up and running. unfortunately i don't have any posts yet, i've already devoted two hours to trying to get the banner figured out (yes, i have got to learn ps).

i do hope to have a very interesting post about why i started this blog and what i hope to gain out of it tomorrow.

lemme know what you think so far :)


V said...

I think it is awesome!!! I tried to leave a comment but I would need to log into Blogger and I don't have an account thru them. Can you turn it on or should I join blogger???

elizabeth said...

okay v, i think i got that part fixed. been so long since i did all the basic stuff, forgot i needed to do that :)

thanks for the support sista :)

vintage lilac said...

I am so there.

BTW, any suggestions as to how to change my banner would be, oh, so helpful. I can't seem to change it for the life of me.