Saturday, January 07, 2006


it finally arrived!!! me and mikey have been waiting on it since i found out it was being released. it actually came at the perfect time. since mike is on a different schedule this month (phooey!!) he doesn't get off until 9pm so i was already planning on having a living room picnic and movie with the kids.

so instead of a movie, we watched hunter.

"works for me!!"

so i cooked up a gourmet dinner that consisted of hotdogs and macaroni and cheese and we sat down on the blanket and let the crime fighting begin.

after hotdogs and mac n cheese, i popped some popcorn and then we all snuggled under some blankets and continued to watch dee-dee and hunter shake down the bad guys.

by the time mike had gotten home (9:20 p.m.) the only person still awake and watching was bella. me and mikey were exhausted.

it was a great friday night (just wish mike had been home to share it with us).

the picnic.

say "handcuffs!!"

say "runnin' code!!!"

all set for our marathon

you can read about our other hunter adventure here.

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Greta said...

Your such an awesome mommy! >:)