Sunday, January 01, 2006


first, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

i hate that this post is this late, but i have been overcome by a horrific (and i do stress horrific) sinus infection.

okay, lemme start at the beginning.....

friday night

greta and the adams crew came over for a night of christmas presents, cincinnati chili, and a game of scene it! the music edition (a present from santa claus :)

the kiddos had fun tearing open their present and having a blast (as they always do) when they get together.

mikey gets a aquadoodle!

bella gets a buncha care bear stuff, including the panties that she can't wait to wear (but bella, you have to go potty on the big girl potty first sista!)

"paging dr. mason! paging dr. mason"--aren't these glasses that came in his lil dr. kit a riot???

melana gets a tea party set.

after the kiddos were sent to mikey's room to make a mess, us adults busted open the scene it! game. i have to tell ya, this game was so much fun (could it be b/c i won?!?!). the only bad part was that poor mike and oneil didn't know too many answers. but that's okay. next time we'll play in teams.

after playing this though, i am now anxious to get my hands on the scene it: hbo version, movie version, tv version, and even the friends version.

hmmm....maybe for my birthday (8 weeks from today...feb. 26th to be exact ;)

so anyway, back to the story. i was feeling pretty okay while the adams' were here. i mean i have been dealing with my sinuses since the beginning of the week (this would be due to the fact that that one minute it is a high of 50-something degrees and then the next minute it is 70-something degrees....and have been this way since then).

so the minute that they leave, i begin to feel like utter shit. but i thought it was mostly due to the fact that i was so tired. my body ached, i was freezing cold, i couldn't quit hacking, and i could tell that my sinues were draining (ewww!).

me and mike hit the bed and after i requested even more blankets (and the look of insanity from mike since he was so hot that he wasn't even under the covers), i thought that i would easily fall asleep to the sound of everybody loves raymond.

boy was i wrong!!

before i knew it, it was almost 4 a.m.!!!!

so needless to say, i spent new years eve in bed, watching murder she wrote on dvd (thanks mom!) and napping. i finally crawled outta the bedroom around 5:30 p.m. me and mike watched "miss congeniality" and "you've got mail" before we crawled into bed around 10:30 (mike had to get up at 4:30 to go to work). so more murder she wrote and then i finally fell asleep.

way to ring in the new year eh?

so today was spent catching up on some laundry and laying around some more. i still can't breathe outta my nose, but at least i don't feel like i have been beaten up by a truck.

tomorrow the kiddos go back to school (whoo-ha!) and me and mike have one more day off before we go back to work. we are going to drop the kids off first thing in the a.m., head over to cracker barrel for breakfast (hello flap jacks), drag mike to pier one to look at a lil table that i want, but i know mike will hate, then we are hitting the movies to see "family stone", and then head home to exchange presents with melissa.


i do hope that each and everyone of you had a wonderful new year's eve and 2006 thus far has been a good one.

i can't wait to share 2006 with you guys and tomorrow's post will include the answers to a tag, my look back at 2005, and what i wish for in 2006.



ArtsyMama said...

My little guy LOVES his aquadoodle. Great gift!

Happy New Year!

Candice said...

aw man, I'm so hoping gramma got the hint on the aquadoodle. We still haven't done gift exchange with her yet!

pretendingsanity said...

happy new year!

Sharon said...

Hope you get to feeling better!!!! Love the kiddo pictures....

April said...

dang girl! that sucks that you are sick...but murder she wrote does kick ass. tee hee...i used to watch that crap on TBS like it was my JOB! HA!

feel better...happy new year!