Wednesday, January 11, 2006


okay, i know everyone wants to be updated on yesterdays fun dealings with the post office.

so after i got back to work from getting my hair done, i gave the post office a call. i asked if i could speak to the person in charge, i was told that he wouldn't be back in the office till 3-ish (i was calling a lil before 11). "i'll have him call you when he gets in.". so i left my name and work number with the lady and briefly explained the situation, hoping that maybe she could handle it.


okay. i've dealt with this guy before and he's great. he drove out to my house himself and waited on my porch while packed up a box. so i didn't mind hearing from him b/c i figured i would get results.

i'm sitting in the major's office when i grab the clock off his desk and notice that its 4pm.

OH NO!!!

i haven't heard from the guy at the post office. so me and my hurting feet (from my be-yuuuutiful high heeled shoes) run in to my office and call the post office.

here we go.

after about 12 rings (i don't give up easily) a girl answers the phone and i ask to speak to the person in charge. i get "he won't be back in this afternoon". i then do my pissed off deep sigh and explain to her the situation. she then explains to me that she is the FUCKIN' CLEANING PERSON AND SHE IS JUST ANSWERING THE PHONE TO HELP THE ONLY MAIL PERSON THERE OUT WHO IS "EXTREMELY BUSY".

okay, so now i am pissed.

me-"i paid for this to be shipped priority. it should be arriving at its destination today or tomorrow, but its still sitting on my porch".

her-"well, i can have your mail man call you when he gets in"

me-"that young kid?"

her"young kid"

me-"yeah, he looked to be about 18"

her-"no, he's in his 40's"

me thinking yeah f-in right.

her-"well if you give me your information i will have him call you"

me-"now what if he doesn't call me before he goes out to my house? blah blah blah a buttload more screaming and yelling.

her-"ma'am, i'm just the cleaning lady helping out. i can have him call you."

me-"well is there someone else i can talk to?"

her-"ma'am she's really busy."

at this point, i feel like taking my phone and beating myself silly with it.

me-"okay fine"

we hang up and then i think "i'll fix them" and i call the postmaster. that's right. don't mess with me!

so after a conversation with him (and believe it or not, i remained pretty calm...i mean he is the head honcho after all).

so i explain the whole situation with him and after i got to the first part, he wanted to make sure that i did the label right, i said yes, and he said that he will take of it. now keep in mind, at this point he is thinking that he package is picked up and some where on a mail truck.

whoa back up jack, i haven't even gotten to my complaint yet.

so i explain that the package was REDELIVERED to my house.

he tells me he'll call me back.

now i have yet to hear back from either the mail man or the post master (and notice its 8:33 p.m.

but the box was off the porch when i came home!


now lets hope that it doesn't make its way back tomorrow.

now, on to some good mail news.

some goods from jenn. check out that fabric!! sorry jenn, but your package is the on i've been talking about the past two days, so i hope you get it by friday :)

these are the goodies i received from the handmade carved stamp swap. everyone did a great job. i cannot wait to send out these cards to some special people (i also hope they'll get em. i prolly pissed off my mailman for life).

cute lil chalkboard tags that i won from joleen.

i also received those wonderful playing card letter presses but the light inside is horrible and i can't get a good picture.


V said...

I'm dying here but I'm so glad that it's on it's way finally. You probably have a big red sticker near your mail cube at the post office where they sort your mail now to let every one know you are fiesty and mean business!!!!

April said...

your beee-yoootiful shoes.
love it.
and you.
and your goodies.


Daph said...

Wow, those look great! I really love the chalkboard tags, although I'm definitely not cool enough to use them to their full potential, LOL.

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