Monday, January 09, 2006


i have always loved vintage things. when i was a lil girl (and even now really) the dream was/is to move into an old house, rummage around a fully stocked attic, and find that one treasure that i have always been looking for.

a diary.

when i was in highschool, i was all about the 70's (hell, who am i kidding, i still i am) my room was decked out in all the orange and pea green stuff that i could find at the thrift store (think the brady bunch kitchen). i wish i still had that stuff, unfortunately, i no longer have that stuff. but thats okay. it makes room for all the stuff that i am buying now.

whenever i find the cutest lil vintage item, i swoon instantly and *have* to have it. i mean its vintage and more than likely there are not a bunch of them around. i can't wait till our new house is built and i can fill it with all sorts of goodies that had a history that i can only dream about.

cute, red straw like sandals that have the cutest flowers on top. they *kill* my feet, but i still wear them. i think they just need to be broken in a lil bit. i bought these at the "yellow jacket" in milwaukee. if anyone reading lives in or around milwaukee and you want more information, lemme know. i should still have the biz card.

flapper tin i bought at an estate sale. i love the flappers and the colors.

aloha!! a dress i bought at tip top atomic shop in milwaukee. this dress is the best for a luau. the bodice is a stretchy material so really, it does fit me ;) the straps fall low on the shoulders. i still haven't found the perfect thing to wear this

i have used this purse so much and carried so much stuff in it, that its starting to fall apart (wahhhh!) the outside is like a plastic/oil cloth. the inside has a zipped up pocket that goes from one side to the other and is in the middle. i *love* this. i bought this also at the "yellow jacket".

you can see some more of my vintage goodies here.


Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Love all of your vintage goodies girlie!!! Thanks for sharing them :D

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhh, love the vintage goods!
very cool style girl!

julia (ticky tacky) said...

Okay, WEIRD! Do you know the flickr group, Retro Kid (images from 50's-60's-70's kids books and products)? The administrator, Ward-O-Matic, recently posted this image:

And I swear to God, those slippers in the illustration are the ones above!

I *love* your vintage stuff! Look forward to reading around here, more.

vintage lilac said...

Oohhhh, i'm so glad you found me! I love vintage and resale, too! Do you do garage sales? I love them the most but unfortunaly living in the tundra that is Michigan our season doesn't really start until May.

The Other Half said...

oh i love these things!! and i remember having a mu mu when i was little living in hawaii...i wish i still had it!!

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Greta said...

You and your vintage...LOL

elizabeth said...

greta...girl...before i even opened up to see what you said, i knew exactly you would say that :)

Raquel said...

Don't know if you want to mess with your vintage dress, but it would look great as a baby doll type top. Cut it a bit shorter and stitch the cute! I know, I know it probably ruin the whole vintage thing, but whatever!