Monday, January 16, 2006

A BUSY 3-DAY WEEKEND!!! WHEW!!! (beware...long post ahead)

whew!!! we had a nice (but busy) three day weekend. i've broken the days down instead of doing seperate posts :)


on friday night, i discovered that the moon outside was full and gorgeous. i couldn't wait for mike to get home so we could go outside and he could teach me a few things. now me getting a photo lesson is always a lil touchy b/c of the fact that i am not a good student. when i don't understand something easily, i get very frustrated and tend to yell. i also have to be shown instead of told how to do something that is a not my norm. so me and mike have already gotten into a few arguments when it comes to learning about the new camera, however, we had fun playing on friday.

the only bad thing was that it was fah-reeeezing outside and we were out there for about an hour or so.

a gorgeous full moon.

ooops! that doesn't look right.

much better.

how many of me are there??

where's my torso???

a lil dramatic.


saturday was a day filled with oil changes and plenty of errands (aka money spending). we did a lot of shopping for things for this house and for the new one. even though we didn't buy anything for the house, we got a ton of ideas on what we are going to do. i did buy this book at lowes and i can't wait to dig through it. we ate lunch at o'charley's and were gone all day which mean dinner was at burger king. we also hit the thrift store where i got a couple of goodies which i will post at a later time.

the kids were on their best it was a good day!!


sunday after mike got home (he got called out on a burglary call at 2 am and got home about 7:30 am), i got ready to meet my oldest friend amy. my girl got engaged over the christmas holidays and she honored me by asking me to be one of her bridesmaids and lil bella boo to be her flower girl.

amy picked me up at my mom's and we followed rachel (another bridesmaid) and her hubby to mobile so we could try on the dresses. we first ate a place called smokey joe's (i think) it was really good.

off to david's bridal we went. i was a lil nervous about this. i have never worn anything formal ever so i was concerned how fat i was going to look in the dress.

i was surprised (if i do say so myself) at how good i looked. i am very excited about the dress.

all the bridesmaid dresses will be black but they had red in the size that i needed.

me and rachel.

the back of the dresses.

me, amy (the bride), and rachel.


ahh...the day that me and greta have been waiting for for a couple of weeks now....


i got to greta's around 8 am and we ate some breakfast that i brought (blueberry muffins and fruit salad) and flipped thru some simple scrapbook magazines for some inspiration.

we then decided that it was a good idea to hit hobby lobby to pick up a few things that we really don't

after that, we were fully inspired and we hit the table and got to work. greta worked on some pages for melana's book and her mom's.

i worked on the trip that me and greta took to new orleans last may (a bunch of fun drunk pictures :)~

after some work, we headed to mcalisters for lunch and then back to work.

we had a good day. of course once our mojo is going strong, its time to call it

my hobby lobby goodies!!

greta hard at work!!

our working space.

look at hard at work i am.

now everyone run over and give greta a big good luck hug. tomorrow is her surgery and she needs all the hugs she can get. she's a wee bit nervous :)


April said...

aw i love your update! those "trouble" photos crack me up. hee hee...

you look awesome in that dress!


V said...

I'm going to email you later so be on the lookout!

Love your pages btw!!

Anonymous said...

i love those pages,
you guys look like so much fun!
whoooo hooooo!

Raquel's Box of Chocolate said...

Worried?...that dress looks good on you! And your scrappy pages looks really cute. Looks like you had a fun trip!

kristi sauer said...

Great layouts and super cute dress! It looks great on you!